Oh Hello, Spain

From vast mountain ranges, dense-green pine forests, shimmering lagoons and cascading waterfalls, Spain has an abundance of options for adrenaline junkies who are looking for their next fix.

Now that the cold, wet days of winter and early spring are finally behind us (though we can never rule out an abrupt and unwelcome return until May), the window of opportunity for getting stuck into some hair-raising activities has just flung itself open.

Whether you prefer to be on the ground firing colourful pellets of paint at your mates, hanging dangerously from a ledge or rock-face somewhere, or plunging headfirst from a dizzying cliff edge into a turquoise-blue lagoon, Spain definitely has the right sort of day out for you.


One: Hiking El Caminito del Rey, Málaga

Just re-opened, the famous Caminito del Rey was once a deathtrap, with its beams-for-bridges and hole-ridden pathways seemingly hanging by a nail off the side of one of Andalucía’s steepest gorges. Only the most daring of adrenaline junkies would take the challenge on, and subsequently post photos and videos to make the rest of us clench our bum cheeks so tightly together that we’d need a pair of man-sized pliers to pry them apart again. Case in point.

For a long time, the Caminito was closed while reconstruction took place, but was finally re-opened last week, sporting a much safer and less perilous look, meaning anyone can go along and rest assured that they will be leaving in one piece at the end of the day. But one thing’s for sure: peering over the footbridge into the gorge below will have your stomach doing somersaults.

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