Beauty Products New Moms Will Love

Yoli shares some great beauty products for new moms In the blurry first weeks and months of new motherhood, when it takes a monumental effort just to get dressed, let alone put on makeup, you need quick and easy beauty products that really pull their weight. Here are my ultimate time-savers for hair, face, and…

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PinkCrime Beauty Products

Pink Crime Beauty Products are simply amazing! PinkCrime we believe that women are beautiful, powerful and SEXY. Our company wants to be by our girls’ side as she goes through her daily routines and be present at every occasion. We want to take care of our PinkCrime Beauties and make them feel confidant and sexy.…

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Yoli’s Beauty tips

We live in a world where beauty has many colors, faces, where beauty is both internal and external, making the world a wonderful place. Check out my tips and share your beauty with us!

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