In today’s fitness world, there are many workouts that split the body into several large components during the week. You might work your chest on Mondays, your arms on Tuesdays, your legs on Wednesdays, and so forth. And while there are certain benefits to breaking up the large body groups, it must be remembered that full-body workouts also have their benefits.

Within this article, we wish to address the pros to working your whole body and to provide tips for doing so.

Full-Body Workout Pros

Work More Muscle

When you move your entire body to complete a task, you invariably are going to engage your core in specific ways, and you are going to work various muscle groups as a result. This dynamic is completely sidestepped when you only focus on one particular part of your body. Whether you do full-body workouts every day or just a few days in the week, it is still good for your body. The more you work full-body workouts into the equation, the more well-rounded an athlete you will become. You will build strength, and you will see muscle growth as well.

Burn More Calories

You’re also going to get more of a calorie burn when you’re using your large muscles to do compound moves, like burpees that involve a push-up, a squat, and a jump. You will also put yourself in a position to pursue better cardiovascular health, because you will be able to go for the actions that will produce a higher sustained heart rate. You will improve your stamina and save considerable time.

You Can Avoid Overtraining

It is entirely possible when strictly focusing on just one group to overtax that system. It is, of course, possible to overwork the body when doing full body workouts, but that is generally done by working out for too long and on too many days.  When proper stretching is employed, you will usually find the ability to work out on most days without straining any one muscle group.

You’re More Likely to Persist

The less specialized equipment that you need to work out means that you will be more likely to continue this routine and that it won’t be thrown off by trips on vacation or other changes in your schedule.

One other advantage of full-body workouts is that you avoid muscle imbalances. This happens when you train on machines that focus on single body sections. The body is a complex machine and making single body parts stronger than their counterparts creates an imbalance that can lead to bad posture and injury.

Tips to Doing Your Full-Body Workout

Workout programs abound, but there are any number of moves that you can employ to make sure you are getting the full-body effect. Below are some tips to achieving this.



Use a Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are a great way to work your whole body and can be found at aerobis.com who provide extremely versatile models for all levels of expertise. These enable you to do body weight exercises and to perform various types of cardio activities like jumping and running.

Employ Push-Ups

Push-ups are a classic for a reason. They require you to keep your core straight and to hold your body in an even position with your legs getting a bit of work in there too. Your chest will be worked as will your shoulders and biceps. This is a great all-around way to build muscle, and it doesn’t require you to procure special equipment to do so.


Again, these are simple, though they are not easy. You can do these in either the privacy of your home or in a gym. These are great blasters for the legs and will also help you build your balance and core strength.


These are another great way to shape the legs and to work the butt at the same time. You will need to balance yourself and to keep your core tight. In addition, you will work the back of your legs when raising your body back up out of the lunge position.


This one uses your lats and traps, back, shoulders, chest, abs, and biceps. It is a great way for building muscle and gaining endurance.


You can do this using the back of a chair, and it is great for your shoulders, abs, legs, core, and biceps.

When these various exercises are part of your full-body routine, you are going to burn calories, lose weight, and build muscle as you move closer to your health goals. In addition, these moves can be done by either men or women at the level that is appropriate for each individual.

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